Deep-hole drilling

We have modern CNC controlled machinery at our disposal. This enables us to work fast and accurate while being flexible and able to shift between jobs. The CNC controlled deep-hole drilling machine is capable of drilling holes suitable for connections for pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical-wiring and many other applications.

Specifications deep-hole drilling

drill diameter Ø 3mm - Ø 30mm
drill range 1000mm single-sided deep-hole drilling
2000mm two-sided deep-hole drilling
range (X,Y) 600mm, 400mm

Finishing deep-hole drilled parts with vertical machining center

Fully produced precision parts are machined on our CNC controlled vertical machining center after deep-hole drilling. This 3-axis CNC controlled vertical machining center with various tools we can produce a wide range of products. We can supply these products as single items or in series.

Specifications CNC controlled 3-axis machining center

range (X,Y,Z) 1120mm, 400mm, 510mm
clamping range (X,Y,Z) 2820mm, 400mm, 640mm, up to 800kg

Specifications CNC controlled 5-axis machining center

range (X,Y,Z) 550mm, 550mm, 510mm

Applications for deep-hole drilling

The applications for deep-hole drilling are virtually endless. For example machined parts in which by means of deep-hole drilling channels are drilled for pneumatics, hydraulics, cooling, heating, measuring equipment, electrical-wiring among other applications. Mainly machine builders / engineers, suppliers to the packaging-industry, the plastics-industry and mold-fabricators use deep-hole drilling frequently.

materials and deep-hole drilling

With our deep-hole drilling machine we can process all materials. Materials like aluminum, C45, tool-steel, stainless steel, stavax, brass, AMPCO and copper are most common. It is also possible for us to drill and process plastics like PEEK and duroplast.

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