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Our equipment consists of three machines which complement each other perfectly. First, there is our long-hole drilling machine with which we can – very precisely – drill holes with a diameter of Ø3MM to Ø30MM up to one meter deep if one-sided or two meters deep if double-sided. We can then further process the products on both our three axis and five axis milling machines. The latter also includes a tool magazine with a capacity of more than 200 tools to guarantee even faster turnaround times. Of course, we also make products which do not contain a long hole.
The specifications of our machines can be found below.


langgatboor machine
Deep-hole drillingBUCK TB 600/1000
Information Specification
Drill diameter
Ø 3mm – Ø 30mm
Drilling range 1000mm one-sided deep-hole drilling
Drilling range 2000mm double sided deep-hole drilling
Range (X, Y) 600mm, 400mm
Span range (X, Y, Z) 800mm, 400mm, 2000mm
freesmachine asten
Three Axis Milling MachineMAZAK VTC-200B-II
Information Specification
(X, Y, Z)  1120mm, 400mm, 510mm
Span range
(X, Y, Z) 2820mm, 400mm, 640mm, up to 800kg
3 assige freesmachine
Five Axis Milling MachineMAZAK VARIAXIS J-600
Information Specification
(X, Y, Z) 550mm, 550mm, 510mm
Span range
(X, Y, Z) 700mm, 550mm, 510mm


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